pastoral paper burnout

4 Strategies to Prevent Pastor Burnout

As pastors and church leaders, we get to do the most sacred of all kinds of work: We get to touch people's souls. We get to help them know Jesus as their Lord and Savior and then to live that life to its full abundance—what I like to call the Christ-life.

Jesus called it a supernatural kind of life. I’m reminded of John 10:10, where Jesus said he’d come to give us life and to give it abundantly—a life that’s joyful, supernatural, and available by a relationship of faith in Jesus Christ.

But ministry is also sometimes miserable.
It can be really hard. If you’ve been in ministry for anytime at all, you know this already.

That's why I want to provide you with these 4 strategies to help you as you navigate the "splendid misery" of ministry. Submit the form below to get the PDF resourcee!